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Ranked Game #21: Jax

Today’s game was played as a solo queue.  I just bought Jax, one of my favorite champions, so of course I wanted to try him out after purchase.  Unfortunately, LoLReplay has been having some issues lately since the last patch, so I wasn’t able to go into it and spectate the game.  I’ll do most of this post from memory, but it’s kind of spotty.

Draft Order:

Jax (VVinrar)
Xin Zhao Lulu
Malzahar Zyra
Malphite Twisted Fate
Ezreal Kha’Zix
Miss Fortune

Since I was captain today, I was eager to instalock Jax, who is easily hard countered, but I was willing to take the risk of counterpick.  The enemy team’s Xin/Lulu first picks were rather safe, but our team responded horribly with Malz/Zyra picks that are easily counterable.  The enemy team took Malphite (because he wasn’t banned) and then Twisted Fate for their second set of picks, and my team took another few random picks in Ezreal and Kha’Zix.  With the Miss Fortune last pick, it because obvious in this game that everyone was just playing whatever they wanted, instead of picking/counterpicking strategically.

In the laning phase, the team compositions favor our team.  Jax easily beats Malphite; the bot lane tends to favor Ezreal/Zyra but will also be highly skill dependent in the matchup.  Mid will just be a farmfest, and I don’t anticipate the junglers making a huge impact in the early game.  Late game, both teams have strong bruisers, but I would favor my own team with Jax and Kha’Zix to take out squishies in teamfights versus Xin and Malphite.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Jax vs. Malphite
  • Mid: Malzahar vs. Twisted Fate
  • Bot: Ezreal Zyra vs. Miss Fortune Lulu
  • Jungle: Kha’Zix vs. Xin Zhao

Early Game:

Both teams take defensive starts at blue.  At first, our top and bottom lanes are slightly winning, until Xin Zhao fails an invade and starts a 3v3 skirmish in our own jungle.  We end up taking a 2-0 advantage with Xin’s red buff going to Jax (me).  I score a kill on Malphite immediately after with my troll red buff slows while the bot lanes trade kills.

10 minute score: 2-0-1, ~70 cs.  Ahead 2 kill and 40 cs top, mid ahead 1 kills, bot even?, jungle ahead 2 assists.

Mid Game:

I kill Malphite again top and take tower, while Malazhar takes his tower from Twisted Fate via continuous pushing.  The team takes an uncontested dragon and hover around in their lanes.  I continue pushing like an idiot and double kill Malphite/Xin under their second top turret, while everyone else derps around in their lanes.  I take the second top tower by myself as a result.  Around the 18 minute mark, we group and win a teamfight, with the second mid tower as a result.  I stopped paying attention at this point, but we probably won another few teamfights, resulting in a 25 minute surrender.

Final score: 10-0-4, 204 cs.  Team score 23-5, towers 7?-0.


So you know all of that talk about lane matchups I did at the beginning?  None of that ended up mattering because we managed to get two kills and buffs in the jungle in the early game, which ended up winning our solo lanes for free.  This combined with my Jax countering Malphite top allowed for an extensive snowball top despite constant 1v2s, while Malzahar was able to snowball bottom lane with his own farm.  Xin Zhao became a nonfactor in the game after he died in our jungle early, while the enemy solo lanes were unable to recover from their bad laning phases.  We win in a stomp and past the 15 minute mark there wasn’t a huge chance that the enemy team would be able to come back.


Final score: 10-0-4, 204 cs.  Team score 23-5, towers 7?-?.
Cumulative record: 128-66-181, 4.68 kda, 5-5 on top, 10-11 overall.  Silver IV/24 LP overall.


LoLReplay hasn’t been updated to the new patch, so it’s unviewable.



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