Climbing Mt. Elo Hell with VVinrar

#VVinning, one game at a time

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Elo Hell Recap: Ranked Games 11-20

Luckily, I played my 20th match right before Riot implemented the League system, so I’m proud to announce that I have reached the stunning League of Silver IV (I’m so good, right?).

W/L Change: 4-6
Cumulative record118-66-177, 4.47 kda (.16 kda decrease)
10-Game Elo Gain/Loss : -107 (1239)

  • Jungle: 0-1 (1-1 overall)
  • ADC: 0-2 (0-4 overall)
  • Support: 1-0 (2-1 overall)
  • Mid: 0-1 (2-1 overall)
  • Top: 2-3 (3-5 overall)

I am also 1-5 in duo queue games.

I’ve learned quite a bit since I’ve started.  Certain champions (AKA KAYLE) are really crappy with my particular runesets (penetration and MS speed) no matter what I do, so I might avoid these in the future.  Meanwhile, straightforward champions that have limited combos (such as Garen, Nunu) seem to benefit.

As for my playstyle during these games: On my main, I usually aim to dominate the enemy around level 2-3 to make sure I can get an easy farm advantage; however, limitations with this account mean that I have to wait until I hit 6 or go for my first shopping run before I can take advantage of my lane.  This has led to weaker lane control on my part and some roaming on the part of my enemies.  I tend to favor farming my lane over ganking other lanes, and that has been detrimental to my success at this skill level.  Games are decided much more quickly at the 1200 range compared to where I am playing at (I’m ~1500/Silver I on my main right now) so I have been having trouble adjusting my playstyle to suit.

I’m planning to spend most of my IP into buying new champions instead of new runes because I feel constrained by the amount of champions available to this account more than the lack of proper runes.  In most cases, I make up for my crappy runes by somewhat outplaying my counterpart in lane, which negates some of the advantage.

I had two primary problems during this set of games (11-20).  First, I lost most of the games while I was still losing -40 Elo, but started winning after the matchmaking system got more accurate (+20 per win), which led to a net loss of 107 Elo despite going 4-6.  Second, I’m not used to playing with armor pen, so I often missed a few creeps during the early game.  As a result, I averaged only about 65-70 cs/10 mins when I was having a good lane compared to a more optimal amount.