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Ranked Game #20: Nunu

Today’s game was played as a solo queue game.  Amazingly, for only the second time in twenty games, I had to take a support role as last pick, which is some pretty stat-defying stuff.  Anyways, my opinion is that at this level, support can carry just as hard as a solo lane (or even higher) if they provide superior ward coverage — after all, the top mistake in low Elo is being caught out of position.

Draft Order:

Kha’Zix Jax
Nasus Ezreal
Ahri Ashe
Xin Zhao Fiddlesticks
Nunu (VVinrar)

Today’s picks/bans were interesting.  There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in the first three picks, as they are high priority/common picks at this level.  What was more interesting was the Nasus second pick for the enemy team, knowing that he was playing against either Kha’Zix or Jax — he loses both matchups.  Similarly, Fiddlesticks is rather poor against a burst-heavy composition such as our team’s, and interestingly enough he also chose to go mid against Ahri.  And finally, I picked Nunu as a support because of his ability to optimally use blood boil on 3 different allies as well as to provide a tankier frontline for Ashe.  After the Fiddlesticks pick, I figured out that their FP Nid was a support so I had an OH SHI- moment as we would lose bot lane.  There are a lot of unorthodox laning picks here, so look below for the final matchups.

In the laning phase, we should win most matchups.  Fiddlesticks doesn’t have a whole lot of kill potential in mid, so Ahri should win or at least go even.  On top, Jax should easily dominate Nasus.  On bottom, we will either go even or lose because of the strong poke by Nid/Ez with no answer from our team.  Later on in the game, I don’t think we have a high chance of losing minus a Xin/Fiddle snowball, as we are too tanky and a late-game oriented team.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Jax vs. Nasus
  • Mid: Ahri vs. Fiddlesticks
  • Bot: Ashe Nunu vs. Ezreal Nidalee
  • Jungle: Kha’Zix vs. Xin Zhao

Early Game:

Both teams take defensive starts at blue with average ganking presence.

Top: Xin gets caught by Kha’Zix and Jax while trying to gank for FB at 7:00.
Bot: Ahri comes down and we kill the enemy bot lane at 7:30, but Fiddlesticks comes down and gets 3 kills by himself before being cleaned up by Kha’Zix.

10 minute score: 0-1-2, 7 cs.  Ahead 1 kill top, mid behind 2 kills, bot ahead 1 kill, jungle ahead 1 kill and 15 cs.  Kills 4-3, ahead 1k gold.

Mid Game:

Jax kills Nasus on ganks at 10:15 and 12:45.  Ahri and Fiddlesticks kill each other at 11:00.  Ezreal kills Ashe at 12:45 while we take a 13:00 top tower.  A skirmish at 14:30 leads to a 2-0 due to a bad Fiddlesticks ult resulting in a 15:00 dragon.

Xin Zhao is caught and killed at 16:30.  We take mid tower at 18:00.  Another bad Fiddlesticks ult results in a double kill bot for Jax while a skirmish elsewhere results in 1-1 result, giving a grand total of 3-1.  We take bot turret off of this.

20 minute score: 1-1-6, 31 cs.  Team kills 13-6, towers 4-0. Ahead 9k gold.

Late Game:

At 21:00, we ace the enemy team 5-1, with a triple kill going to Kha’Zix, enabling us to take a second mid tower and a second dragon.  We catch Xin Zhao in the jungle at 24:00, resulting in another 4-1 teamfight in our favor, resulting in mid inhib and a second bot turret.

We take a 3-2 teamfight under the enemy Nexus at 27:00 and are forced to withdraw.  After a 29:00 dragon, we close out the game with a 5-1 ace.

Final score: 4-1-19, 63 cs.  Team score 31-12, towers 9-0.


From the start of the game, the enemy team never had much of a chance.  After the 10 minute mark, Nasus and Xin Zhao fell behind so much that they didn’t have a chance of catching up, while Fiddlesticks missing just about every ult in teamfights — by the time he hit an ultimate properly, our team was so far ahead that it didn’t matter.  This was just a blowout win by our team caused by a bad enemy team comp and unorthodox picks/laning assignments — evidenced by the fact that I had 4 kills as a support.

From what I can tell so far at this level, whoever has the most late-game bruisers wins every game.  Maybe I’ll experiment with this mentality in future games.


Final score: 4-1-19, 63 cs.  Team score 31-12, towers 9-0.
Cumulative record: 118-66-177, 4.47 kda, 2-1 on support, 9-11 overall.  1239 Elo.




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