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Ranked Game #19: Garen

Today’s game was played as a duo queue game with RoG forum member NGAF.  Our ratings were only 10 Elo apart, so we were naturally  4th and 5th pick — I’ve found that when you have two players duo queuing together with similar Elos, you will be 4th/5th 99% of the time.  Anyways, this game is still fresh in my mind since I just played it (for once), so I’ll try to go more in depth today.

Draft Order:

Miss Fortune Karthus
Caitlyn Vi
Jarvan IV Garen (VVinrar)
Lux Warwick
Sona (NGAF)

In today’s NEW section, I’ll do a quick analysis of the picking phase.  The first three picks were safe picks that are usually difficult to counter.  Caitlyn was picked because she does extraordinarily well at shutting down MF’s strong laning phase, while Vi is a pick that can go either in the top or jungle, making sure you cannot be counterpicked.  Afterwards, Jarvan ws one of the best possible picks against what was currently selected because it would ensure Caitlyn wouldn’t be able to poke our team to death in “aram mode.”  The Lux/Warwick picks were terrible picks against our selected team because they basically countered their own team in the late game, while the last pick Sona should theoretically put a nail in the coffin for the pick game.  Our team decisively won in the picking phase because of the enemy team’s last picks.

In the laning phase, either team can pull an advantage.  Garen wins lane against Vi easily, while Caitlyn/Leona has high potential to snowball in the bottom lane.  On the other hand, both Warwick and Jarvan are relatively slow farming-based junglers, though Jarvan can pull off some decent ganks.

If our team makes it out of laning phase, we should be able to pull an easy win.  It’s a very bad idea to put two low damage + lockdown champions like Lux and Warwick together on the same team because if you survive their burst, you win.  On the other side, we have two ubertanks and a counterinitiator, which means we should easily interrupt spell chains and win in teamfights.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Garen vs. Vi
  • Mid: Karthus vs. Lux
  • Bot: Miss Fortune Sona vs. Caitlyn Leona
  • Jungle: Jarvan IV vs. Warwick

Early Game:

Both teams take defensive starts at blue with little to no ganking presence.  Literally nothing happens except a farmfest that is extremely atypical of this skill range.

10 minute score: 0-0-0, 76 cs.  Ahead 30 cs top, behind 25 cs bot, rest of game is even, gold is even.

Mid Game:

Lux takes FB at 11:15 while Jarvan fails a gank.  MF kills Leona under tower at 11:30 shortly after and then Caitlyn at 13:00.  We take uncontested dragon at 14:30.  Jarvan comes top to kill top tower at 17:00.

Sona kills Lux at 19:00 in a skirmish while Warwick kills our mid tower.  We lose bot tower shortly after.  At 19:45, Warwick and Vi try to kill Garen in jungle but the fight is turned into a 2-1 advantage for our team.

20 minute score: 1-0-1, 166 cs.  Team kills 4-4, towers 1-2. Gold even

Late Game:

We take uncontested 20:45 drag.  At 23:30, we take a 3-0 teamfight and first mid tower, but enemy team comes back and kills Karthus.  At 25:30, an extended teamfight goes in our favor 4-2.  At 27:45, enemy team kills Karthus at blue while taking a dragon.  Our team is caught in a skirmish and loses 1-2 right after.  We take first bot turret at 30:00.

At 31:00, we take a 5-2 teamfight in the enemy jungle, with Garen taking a triple kill (4 kills total).  Garen catches and kills Leona at 32:45 and we take uncontested dragon.  Final teamfight is a 4-0 at 35:00 and the enemy team surrenders.

Final score: 11-0-6, 236 cs.  Team score 21-12, towers 5-2.


The good: Interesting enough for this Elo, nobody actually died for much of the early laning phase, and most champions actually farmed to a high silver/gold cs threshold.  This made for a more interesting game than usual because items were built a lot faster than the average 1200-1300 game.

The bad: despite everyone farming up, everyone decided to jerk off, not pressure objectives, and turned what should have been a 15 minute laning phase into a 25 minute laning phase, with the bottom tower going down at the whopping 30 minute mark.  For reference, the game ended in 36 minutes.

The game was exacerbated by our team never pressuring objectives.  Everybody on my team made poor decisions, from consistently getting caught (Karthus) to not autoattacking (MF) or not actually using spells.  Our team would have lost the game if the enemy team had sustained damage, but fortunately I was strong enough to 1v3 zone the enemy team in most teamfights.  Even if we did not have a strong tank line or a poor laning phase, we still would have probably won the game due to our strong team composition.


Final score: 11-0-6, 236 cs.  Team score 21-12, towers 5-2.
Cumulative record: 114-65-158, 4.18 kda, 4-5 on top, 8-11 overall.  1213 Elo.




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