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Ranked Game #18: Fiddlesticks

Today’s game was played as a solo queue game as Fiddlesticks.  I’ve found that my rating is so damn low that there isn’t a single person out of the dozens that have added me that are close to my Elo (if they’re on).  Sorry :(  But anyways, since I’m in the low 1200 range again, I thought I’d press my luck and try a Fiddlesticks game — and I haven’t played Fiddlesticks since Season One.  I think it’ll be interesting how this game will turn out.

Draft Order:

Vi Ahri
Draven Taric
Nunu Caitlyn
Fiddlesticks (VVinrar) Cho’Gath

Team versus team, our team has a slight disadvantage.  If we are able to engage via initiation, we should easily win teamfights, but at the same time, the enemy team is running a split-push/poke comp that should be difficult to engage in a 5v5, especially if the champions are played correctly.  If our team makes it to the 6-item phase, we will probably lose because of weaker champion scaling

In the laning phase, we shouldn’t have too many problems.  Singed slightly beats Cho’Gath but shouldn’t be able to kill him, and the same occurs in the Katarina/Ahri matchup.  Draven/Taric is actually one of the strongest “counter” lanes against Caitlyn, and I don’t expect him to lose too badly.  That being said, I’ll need to apply heavy ganking pressure in the early laning phase to make sure my team wins their lanes.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Cho’Gath vs. Singed
  • Mid: Katarina vs. Ahri
  • Bot: Draven Taric vs. Caitlyn Nunu
  • Jungle: Fiddlesticks vs. Vi

Early Game:

Both teams take defensive starts at blue.  Fiddlesticks applies heavy ganking pressure, while Vi takes a passive farm stance.

  • Top: Singed kills Cho’Gath at 9:00 with a gank.
  • Mid: Katarina gives FB on a towerdive at 5:15 on a Fiddle gank.
  • Bot: Draven kills Nunu, Caitlyn kills Draven at 9:15.

10 minute score: 0-0-0, 45 cs, Mid and top behind 1 kill, bot behind 15 cs.  Score 1-3, 1.5k gold behind.

Mid Game:

Vi catches and kills Fiddlesticks in jungle at 10:45.  At 12:00, Caitlyn kills Taric but Fiddlesticks takes a double kill shortly after.  Katarina kills Ahri at 12:45 with help of gank, enabling a 13:15 dragon.  At 15:30, we win a 3-1 teamfight and take bot tower.

1-2 skirmish at 18:15.  Enemy team takes uncontested dragon at 19:45.

20 minute score: 2-2-6, 60 cs.  Team kills 9-8, towers 1-0. Behind 1k gold.

Late Game:

1-2 teamfight at 12:30 results in loss of mid tower.  0-3 teamfight bot at 24:30 results in loss of two more bot towers, but we are able to take top tower.  On the rebound revive, we take a 3-2 teamfight at dragon, but we lose the dragon at 26:30.  Another 1-4 teamfight at 29:00 loses second mid tower and top tower.

2-5 teamfight at 31:00 loses mid and bot inhibs.  However, we take a 5-2 teamfight at 33:30 while stealing baron for a minor comeback.  We are aced 1-5 despite baron and lose

Final score: 3-9-12, 98 cs.  Team score 23-31, towers 3-9.


This game kind of disappointed me because my team threw a decent lead midgame.  In the beginning of the game, we did a lot better than I expected (minus one or two deaths) even though I wasn’t able to pull off any successful ganks.  However, in the midgame, we were clearly winning as a bunch of successive ults and ganks by Fiddlesticks were able to win small skirmishes and bring momentum in our favor.  The problem that lost us the game is that nobody on our team was able to successfully farm after the midgame, so nobody was able to get an endgame build, while the enemy team just sat in their lanes and farmed up.

In addition, towards the end of the game, due to the lack of farming, we were neither tanky enough or strong enough to kill the enemy team, which meant that I died in the beginning of every teamfight.  Personally, I don’t feel like it was a terrible game with Fiddlesticks (despite the score) because I made a huge impact and evened out the teams in the midgame.  But sadly, a combination of bad scaling, bad initiation, and bad teamfighting cost us this game.


Final score: 3-9-12, 98 cs.  Team score 23-31, towers 3-9.
Cumulative record: 103-65-152, 3.92 kda, 1-1 on jungle, 7-11 overall.  1187 Elo.




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