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Ranked Game #17: Akali

Today’s game was played as a solo queue game as Akali.  I’ve been playing a bit of Akali lately on my main, so I thought to continue the trend on this account (minus an Akali runepage).  By some miracle of luck, I managed to get a solo lane even without calling a role, so I was able to get a strong “counter”pick for the other team.  It should be noted that this game was a total stomp and there isn’t a whole lot to talk about except for WTF I ONLY GAIN/LOSE 20 ELO NOW.

Draft Order:

Taric Caitlyn
Jax Sion
Master Yi Xin Zhao
Alistar Katarina

Team versus team, my team had a much greater chance of winning via snowballing double AP potential with AP Yi + Akali.  Vayne tends to be very weak against assassins due to her base stats, which means she won’t be a huge factor.  I would say the biggest worry on the enemy team would be the AD sion, especially if our team is incapable of bursting him down in teamfights.

In the laning phase, our team does relatively well.  It’s pretty hard to lose a mid lane as Master Yi, especially against Katarina.  The same goes for our strong Caitlyn/Taric bottom lane.  The only questionable part of the laning phase would be my own (Sion vs. Akali) but Sion’s laning advantage should be negated by a 9 potion start.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Akali vs. Sion
  • Mid: Master Yi vs. Katarina
  • Bot: Caitlyn Taric vs. Vayne Alistar
  • Jungle: Xin Zhao vs. Jax

Early Game:

Both teams take defensive starts at blue.

  • Top: Xin ganks and kills Sion at 4:15.
  • Mid: Xin ganks and takes FB on Katarina at 2:45.  Yi kills Jax at 7:30, and Xin kills Katarina at 8:15.
  • Bot: Caitlyn kills Alistar, Vayne kills Caitlyn at 9:30.

10 minute score: 0-0-1, 57 cs, up 30 cs.  Mid ahead 30 cs and 1 kill, bot ahead 5 cs.  Ahead 3k gold, kills 5-1.  Jungle Xin 3/0/1.

Mid Game:

Yi kills Vayne at 10:15 in skirmish and Kat at 12:00.  Akali kills Sion at 12:15 with gank.  13:00 skirmish bot results in 1-1 trade, and Caitlyn picks off Jax afterwards at 13:45.  Yi kills Kat at 14:15.  Akali kills Sion again at 15:15 and 16:30.  Skirmish mid results in 2-0 trade at 16:00 while we take towers.  We continue to pick individual champions off

20 minute score: 7-0-1, 118 cs.  Team kills 19-2, towers 4-0. Ahead 12k gold.  Allied Yi 5/0/7, Xin 4/0/6.

Late Game:

We continue to pick champions off without any real teamfighting, and eventually we win. Yadda yadda yadda.  Yi takes a 26 minute quadra, and enemy team surrenders.

Final score: 11-0-7, 136 cs.  Team score 32-5, towers 11-0.


As I said before, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about this game.  Bad decisions made by Katarina and Jax, combined with lucky ganks by Xin in the early game managed to snowball mid lane, while top and bottom lanes won by themselves.  As the lanes started to coalesce, the enemy team made a lot of mistakes, got caught, and paid for it with the game.


Final score: 11-0-7, 136 cs.  Team score 32-5, towers 11-0.
Cumulative record: 100-56-140, 4.29 kda, 3-5 on top, 7-10 overall.  1210 Elo.




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