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Ranked Game #16: Garen

Today’s game was played as a solo queue game that I played a few days ago.  I haven’t had time to play or write much in the last few weeks, so bear with me in the post delays.  Under an optimal schedule, I would put out a new post every 2nd or 3rd day.  This was the first game where I played a champion repeat as Garen.  Unfortunately, I’ve played almost every single champion owned on this account, and I’ll have to start playing old ones instead of playing a new champion each game.

In what I would consider to be one of the better troll teams I’ve played with recently, our 3rd pick insisted on playing Darius after I had locked Garen in champ select.  Our Draven decided to go along with Darius’ epic plan and played support instead, with Darius taking all farm in bottom lane.

Draft Order:

Janna Skarner
Garen (VVinrar) Darius
Jarvan Ezreal
Draven Vi

Our team had a weak chance of winning this game.  Not being of our troll picks, but rather because of our team composition.  Our team is extremely reliant on other champs (aka the other team) starting teamfights and only has execution power, while the enemy team has lockdown skills to pick off individual champions as well as some decent kiting power.  Regardless of laning results, Garen and Darius fall off as primary damage sources, and focus on Katarina is an easy way to lose teamfights.

That being said, I don’t expect to win any lanes.  While Garen does decently against Jarvan early, he begins to lose in trades after Jarvan gets some items and points in his Q.  Malzahar beats Katarina, and I’m pretty sure Ezreal can beat an “ad carry darius”

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Garen vs. Jarvan IV
  • Mid: Katarina vs. Malzahar
  • Bot: Darius Draven vs. Ezreal Janna
  • Jungle: Vi vs. Skarner

Early Game:

Our team invades, taking a FB on Janna at 0:55, Darius and Ezreal kill each other at 2:00.

  • Top: Vi and Jarvan kill each other at 9:00.
  • Mid: Boring :(
  • Bot: Draven kill on Ezreal at 5:00.

10 minute score: 1-0-1, 72 cs, up 30 cs.  Mid behind 10 cs, bot ahead 20 cs and 1 kill.  Ahead 1.5k gold, kills 4-2.

Mid Game:

Malzahar kills Vi at 10:45.  At 11:45, Skarner double kills bot after Darius kills Ezreal.  Malzahar double kills mid at 12:15.  Jarvan kills Garen at 13:15 on Skarner gank.  At 15:00, Ezreal and Malzahar score kills on our bot.  Vi kills Skarner, Ez kills Katarina, Darius kills Janna at 15:30.  Skarner kills Vi at 16:45.  Enemy team takes dragon at cost of Garen killing Ezreal.

A bad dive at 19:15 results in 1-3 teamfight

20 minute score: 2-1-1, 117 cs.  Team kills 10-15, towers 1-0. Behind 2k gold.  Enemy Malzahar 5/1/3, allied Vi 2/4/4.

Late Game:

Malzahar takes a 21:30 mid tower, while a bad dive results in 1-1 skirmish.  At 22:00, bottom lane dies to Malzahar and Janna.  I take a 23:15 first mid tower, while losing top tower at 23:45.  Uncontested enemy 24:00 dragon.

Enemy team catches and kills 4 champions at 26:15 and then take second mid tower.  29:15 teamfight results in 3-2 in our favor.  Uncontested enemy 30:30 dragon, but we catch and kill 2 after.  Enemy team comes back and 0-3 in a teamfight.  Darius gets caught at 34:15, and then we surrender after 35:30 0-4 teamfight.

Final score: 5-3-3, 186 cs.  Team score 18-36, towers 3-6.

What I learned:

The primary problem our team had in this game was closing out the laning phase and transitioning to the midgame.  While we started out very well in the early game with our jungle invade, we were unable to capitalize on our kills.  Vi in particular fed most of the carries with bad ganks, although the blame should not be shifted entirely on her.  Repeated bad dives on mid and bot resulted in Malzhar and Skarner being fed, while I was unable to close out the laning phase top to roam.  By the time I left my lane near the end of the midgame to roam, the momentum of the game had already shifted heavily to the other team.  This was complicated by the fact that Darius and Draven would constantly get caught by the other team.  In the few teamfights we had near the end of the game, we usually came out even, but those teamfights were few due to lack of grouping and champions being caught.  I suppose I could have done better this game by abandoning my top lane to aid the losing mid and bot around the 15 minute mark, but eh.  


Final score: 5-3-3, 186 cs.  Team score 18-36, towers 3-6.
Cumulative record: 89-56-133, 3.96 kda, 2-5 on top, 6-10 overall.  1187 Elo.


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