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Ranked Game #15: Tristana

I received a comment the other day from a player that is better than me that I focus too much on kills and winning lane.  Let me rant a little about that before I start today’s post.  From my experience, this level of play is more dependent on people being at the wrong place at the right time than the actual results of lane.  What else am I going to write about? How shitty everyone’s picks are, and how they do nothing against the other team? 

I barely have time to write my posts as it is.  I struggle to find time to write my main post (for the frontpage) most weeks, and this blog is just a side project on top of that.  I watch my replays on 4x speed to minimize the time it takes to write these, and it still takes me half an hour to write each post.  The audience on these posts is less than 1% of what my frontpage posts get, and I only do write these posts because I give a shit and want to do something different.  If you guys have a suggestion to improve the quality of these posts without it taking a lot more time out of my day, I’d be welcome to suggestions.

It’s ridiculously hard balancing time with hobbies.  I woke up at 6:30 am today to write this post.  From 8:30am to 7pm today, I will busy with real life activities that do not involve “internet” breaks.  I will come home after that, make myself dinner, and then I have an hour or two for free time, which is spent on — guess what — writing more shit for you assholes to read.  When I say assholes, I mean assholes, because I rarely get comments that I appreciate, and I always see critical comments on my work, as if most of you could do what I do better than me (no ego involved here).  If I had a dollar for every time someone messaged me offered to help RoG on our blogs and didn’t follow up with anything useful, I’d be rich by now.  And plus, every single day of my week looks like today.  So if you have a suggestion to improve the efficiency of my writing, please tell me.  I like to have free time when I can actually enjoy myself.  Also, this will be the last post this week due to time constraints.

Today’s game was played as a duo queue directly after my Nasus game (Game 14) so I was still in the “pick-whatever-the-fuck-I-want-and-hope-I-get-carried” mode.  It was played as a duo queue with Pursuit3, a person who apparently reads my posts and wanted to play.

Draft Order:

Lee Sin Ezreal
Olaf Sona
Singed Taric
Soraka Maokai
Xin Zhao 

In another 1200 Elo standard meta pick, we had a 3rd pick Sona who demanded mid, and then switched to top after she realized that she would be countered harder by a Xin Zhao than a Singed.  As a result, we had an Olaf mid against Xin, and Sona vs. Singed.  Just another day in solo queue.

I didn’t see a big chance in winning this game.  Olaf and AP Sona are pretty strong early game and we might be able to win all three lanes, but late game everybody falls off like a rock.  We have nothing to kill their tankier champions, and unless our team somehow stalls the game out for a 6 item Tristana, there isn’t a huge chance we can win the game no matter how the early game turns out due to our team’s weak sieging power.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Sona vs. Singed
  • Mid: Olaf vs. Xin Zhao
  • Bot: Tristana Soraka vs. Ezreal Taric
  • Jungle: Maokai vs. Lee Sin

Early Game:

Both teams take defensive starts, Maokai at blue buff and Lee Sin at red.  Both teams apply heavy pressure on solo lanes.

  • Top: Sona kills Singed at 5:30 when both junglers come top, and again at 7:45 with a Maokai gank
  • Mid: Lee Sin ganks and kills Olaf at 4:00.  Olaf returns the favor at 8:30 when Maokai ganks.
  • Bot: Soraka gives FB to Ezreal at 2:15 in a bush before the lane even starts. I kill Taric at 5:45.  Ezreal takes a 8:00 kill on Tristana.

10 minute score: 1-1-0, 45 cs, down 1 kill and 15 cs.  Mid ahead 1 kill, 15 cs, top ahead 2 kills but behind 10 cs.  Allied Maokai has 3 assists, enemy Lee Sin has 1 kill.  Gold is even, kills 4-3.

Mid Game:

We lose our bottom turret at 11:30 while Sona solo kills Singed.  At 14:00, Sona kills Singed again with a gank, and Xin Zhao kills Olaf.  I kill Taric mid at 15:00, resulting in our first mid tower and the loss of Maokai to Ezreal.  

At 16:30, the enemy takes our mid tower but we initiate a teamfight with a 5-0 ace.  We take their second mid tower at 17:15 and a dragon.  Maokai dies at blue at 19:00, and skirmishes across the map result in a total loss of 1-4.

20 minute score: 4-2-3, 133 cs (down 15 cs).  Team kills 13-10, towers 2-2. Gold is even.  Sona 7/2/3, enemy Ezreal 4/2/0 and 5/2/1 Xin Zhao.

Late Game:

We lose our second bottom tower at 22:00 and our first top tower at the same time.  Xin catches Soraka at 22:30, resulting in loss of our inner mid tower.  We have a inconclusive 0-1 teamfight mid after this but we lose a 25:00 dragon because of this.

We lose a 0-4 teamfight at 27:00 and mid inhib.  Enemy takes uncontested 28:00 baron and pushes to end.

Final score: 4-2-11, 163 cs.  Team score 25-18, towers 9-3.

What I learned:

Our team lost mainly because of our weak siege and inability to defend against split push.  Other than that, our team got caught a lot, leading to bad trades and teamfights, but there wasn’t a whole lot our team could do at the end of the game.  Past the 25 minute mark, it took 3 people plus a tower to kill a Singed, and the same amount of people to defend against an Ezreal/Taric push.  With that kind of weak killing power, it’s no surprise that we were unable to secure a victory.  Even though the early and mid game went to our team, our solos were unable to farm and maintain a gold advantage over the other team.  Since gold was even throughout the game, champion scaling won the game for the enemy.


Final score: 6-4-7, 220 cs.  Team score 20-20, towers 11-2.
Cumulative record: 84-53-130, 4.04 kda, 1-3 on ADC, 6-9 overall.  1226 Elo.




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