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Ranked Game #14: Nasus

Apologies for the delay since the last post, I’ve been busy on official Reign of Gaming business lately.  I played Game 14 as a solo queue.  I decided to take a “weak” pick because since I’ve been losing so many games lately, why the hell not Nasus?

Draft Order:

Shyvana Annie
Nasus (VVinrar) Master Yi
Taric Renekton
Caitlyn Nunu

I’m going to preface this by saying that this is my favorite kind of game: Season One meta champs everywhere.  I’ve been sucking complete ass in Season 3 because all of my best champs are either nerfed, irrelevant, or useless in the new meta, so I’ve been having to learn new champs and I haven’t been liking it.

That being said, I expected this game to be a toss-up (yet again, surprise).  Bottom lane wins because Caitlyn Nunu is nearly impossible to beat, but our top and mid lanes should lose in the early game; Annie’s strong early game beats Evelynn easily, while Renekton was basically designed to beat the crap out of Nasus and the Season 3 changes make him even stronger.

Late game, our chance has a great chance of winning if we catch people off guard — Evelynn and Nasus specialize in catching champs.  We also have superior teamfight in Evelynn + Yi + Nasus ults, while a Caitlyn never hurts in the late game.  On the other hand, their team falls off very quickly late game so we have to wait until the Shyvana x Annie combo can’t 1 shot the important champions (aka me).  If we can survive the other team’s burst, we will easily win teamfights.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Nasus vs. Renekton
  • Mid: Evelynn vs. Annie
  • Bot: Caitlyn Nunu vs. Graves Taric
  • Jungle: Master Yi vs. Shyvana

Early Game:

Our team takes a defensive blue buff start, while the enemy team steals our red buff.  Heavy ganking presence by Yi with little result, heavy focus on camping Renekton. Little ganking presence by enemy Shyvana.

  • Top: Renekton solo kill on Nasus at 5:30.
  • Mid: Eve kills Annie solo at 8:00.
  • Bot: Graves takes a 3:15 FB on Nunu, Taric kills Nunu at 5:30, Graves kills Caitlyn at 9:00.

10 minute score: 0-1-0, 35 cs, down 40 cs and 1 kill against Renekton (first time I’ve ever lost lane, yay!).  Mid ahead 25 cs, 1 kill; bot behind 3 kills and 5 cs.  Jungle ahead 10 cs, down assist.  Kills 1-4, team behind 2k gold.

Mid Game:

Caitlyn takes 10:15 kill on Taric and 11:00 on Graves resulting in 11:15 bot tower.  Eve kills Annie solo at 10:30 and 12:00.  Taric takes 12:15 kill on Nunu, resulting in a loss of our bot turret at 13:30.At 14:45, Eve kills Annie mid, Caitlyn kills Taric, Graves kills Caitlyn, Eve cleans up Graves resulting in 15:45 dragon.  At 19:00, a skirmish top results in Renekton killing Yi while Graves double kills our bot lane.

20 minute score: 0-1-0, 116 cs (down 55 cs, 2 kills).  Team kills 7-10, towers 1-1. Gold is even.  Eve 4/1/1, enemy Graves 4/2/3.

Late Game:

3 man top results in 21:00 Eve kill on Renekton, 21:30 top turret and subsequent kill on Shyvana.  Enemy team takes 22:15 dragon which turns into 2-1 teamfight in our favor and 23:00 mid tower.  Afterwards, we lose a teamfight 0-3 and our top/mid turrets as a direct result.  Our team ‘catches’ the enemy team at 26:00 after killing mid turret and loses another fight 0-2.

Annie is caught in her own jungle at 27:30, resulting in 4-1 fight and a second mid tower.  Enemy 29:30 dragon results in a 4-0 teamfight and mid inhib.  I catch and kill Annie at 21:30 resulting in second bot tower.  Final teamfight is a 5-1 for the finish.

Final score: 4-2-11, 163 cs.  Team score 25-18, towers 9-3.

What I learned:

Imma be honest here, I lost top lane very heavily because my jungler and mid spent half the laning phase (fail)ganking top and leeching a full level of xp from me.  This snowballed into a lane loss early, although I was able to recover after the 10 minute mark (top laning phase lasted 21 mins).  That being said, the opposing Renekton was  unusually good for 1200 Elo and I might have lost anyways, but yeah. In other news, I totally miscalled the matchups mid and bottom, because anything can happen in solo queue.

In terms of personal contribution, I didn’t do sh*t except get my ass handed to me early game.  Mid lane snowballed, our team pulled ahead and threw, but it turns out their team was able to throw even harder than us.  It’s about time my team won the game for me instead of feeding 24/7.


Final score: 4-2-11, 163 cs.  Team score 25-18, towers 9-3.
Cumulative record: 78-49-123, 4.10 kda, 2-4 on top, 6-8 overall.  1268 Elo.




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