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Ranked Game #13: Pantheon

I played Game 13 as a solo queue game late at night.  Please note that I may be slightly biased against my bottom lane (as seen in my end-game screenshot) in my post-game analysis because they continually flamed each other for 20 minutes straight.

Draft Order:

Warwick Twisted Fate
Pantheon (VVinrar) Elise
Alistar Malzahar
Draven Taric

I’ve started to notice at the high 1200s/low 1300s Elo, playing double assassin comps are very effective.  That being said, it’s a bit strange to see a double AP combination such as TF/Malzahar since neither is very strong top lane.  What ended up happening was Twisted Fate vs. Pantheon top, which is an easy win for myself.  Malz vs. Akali mid gives an easy lane win to the enemy team since Akali will take damage every time she comes close to creeps.  Meanwhile, Draven/Taric vs. Graves/Ali is a skill matchup with the edge going to my own team.  I would expect the outcome of the match to depend mostly on bottom lane, since Pantheon and Akali are going to do a lot of damage no matter their performance in lane.

Late game is also a toss-up between the two teams.  While the enemy team has double suppression, we also ahve many stuns/inturrupts in addition to 3 assassin champs plus Draven.  If our team is able to knock out key targets quickly, we should be able to secure a win.

Lane Matchups:

  • Top: Pantheon vs. Twisted Fate
  • Mid: Akalai vs. Malzahar
  • Bot: Draven Taric vs. Graves Alistar
  • Jungle: Elise vs. Warwick

Early Game:

Both teams take defensive blue buff starts and applied heavy ganking pressure throughout the laning phase.

  • Top: 3:15 Pantheon FB on Twisted Fate
  • Mid: Akali and Malzahar kill each other at 6:45.  TF ganks and kills Akali at 8:45.
  • Bot: 3:20 Alistar kill on Taric.  Draven kills Alistar, Graves kills Draven at 3:45 and takes a double kill at 10:00.

10 minute score: 1-0-0, 69 cs, up 40 cs on TF.  Mid behind 30 cs, 1 death, bot behind 4 kills and 10 cs.  Jungle is even.  Kills 6-2, team behind 2k gold.

Mid Game:

At 10:45, I die to a gank by Warwick and Malzahar kills Akali solo.  I kill TF at 11:45, and Taric dies at 12:30.  We lose both mid and bot turrets at 13:30.

I gank and kill mid at 14:30 and lose my own (top) tower shortly after.  Akali kills TF at 15:30 while I die to Graves.  Malz kills Akali at 16:30.  Akali kills TF in skirmish at 18:00.  Graves takes 3 more kills on Taric at 16:00 17:30, and 19:00.

20 minute score: 3-2-1, 132 cs.  Team kills 14-7, towers 0-3, behind 6k gold.  Graves is 8/0/1 while Taric is 0/6.

End Game:

Akali dies in our own jungle at 21:00, and the enemy team takes drag shortly after.  We lose our inner mid and top towers at 25:00.  At 28:45, we lose a teamfight 2-4 and lose our mid inhib and dragon as a result.

In a random comeback, we ace the enemy team 5-0 at 33:00 and take our first mid tower as a result.  Uncontested enemy baron at 34:15.  Enemy team pushes to end but 4-4 teamfight leads in a draw.  After reviving, enemy team takes an uncontested nexus.

Final score: 7-4-7, 209 cs.  Team score 22-26, towers 1-11.

What I learned:

While mid and bottom lanes failed horribly in the laning phase, we had a legitimate chance to win this game by catching their team off guard.  Specifically, the enemy Warwick was caught out multiple times in our own jungle, but our team failed to capitalize on kills by winning teamfights/objectives.

A major problem during this game was that Draven and Taric flamed each other from the beginning of the laning phase to the end of the game, which is why there were not many teamfights — our team was too busy arguing with each other to bother grouping up and fighting.  If we pulled our shit together, we probably could have won the game…but we didn’t.  As a result, we were often picked off and we lost towers for no reason.  Midgame, our team had the potential to win teamfights, as seen in the complete ace at 33:00, and a 4-4 teamfight when the enemy team had baron buff.  Sadly, the win was not to be, and I live to queue another day.


Final score: 7-4-7, 209 cs.  Team score 22-26, towers 1-11.
Cumulative record: 74-47-112, 3.96 kda, 1-4 on top, 5-8 overall.  1232 Elo.




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